Workplace Bullying and Whistleblowing

In this day and age, it has become important in many companies to set up systems that allow people to report incidents of workplace bullying. Also, sometimes companies are not completely above the board and there could be a hidden culture of fear that prevents people from coming forward and blowing the cover on criminal or ethical problems.

Man yells at colleague

This is why it can be very useful for any company to bring in specialists who can help with workplace bullying training so that these incidents do not arise.

Providing Counselling and Confidentiality

The most important thing that any company should provide is a completely autonomous system in which bullying can be reported confidentially. Sometimes, bullying in the workplace can be tied up with a subordinate-superior relationship as well. Further complicating the matter are often issues of sexual harassment. In certain workplaces other issues might also be present, such as sexism, ageism, racism and other prejudices that could lead to bullying.

This is why it can be a good idea to implement workplace bullying training as part of your equal opportunities budget. This type of program acts in two ways:

1) It can inform staff and workers about newly developing and changing policies and give people a chance to change their own behaviour if they need to or find alternate employment if they are not happy with new conditions
2) It can make people who have been victimised feel comfortable. In many cases bullying is not reported and victims can internalise the pressure. A company shift in attitudes can give these people confidence to take steps to report bullying where it takes place and feel confident that they are protected under the new regime.

This and much more counselling can be provided at a work place bullying agency.


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