Understanding the dangers of working from heights

According to NHBC, falls from heights in the working environment account for one death every week. Even more frequently labour workers find themselves paralysed or suffering from severe health problems due to accidental falls. Of these, almost a third of them are below the two metre mark.


Falling causes the largest amount of fatalities than any other job in the UK. Each year over 10,000 people suffer from falls which leave them completely immobile for three or more days. In addition to safety, falls can cause serious financial strain as injuries leave sufferers unable to work. This can trigger stress and other mental health problems.


As time goes on the importance of good education is being emphasized by employers. While you may have the skills to conduct certain tasks at heights, if you don’t have the qualifications on paper, you could find yourself at a dead end and unable to find employment.

Professional qualifications are considered a “safety deposit” and give employers added peace of mind. Although experience is important, it’s essential that you prioritize safety and getting the accreditations simply to prove your wort.

There are various jobs outside of labour working that require professional working from heights qualifications. If you want to explore other career opportunities, an accreditation can significantly help you broaden your horizons.

Professional training

There are various ways to acquire professional training and accreditations; some of them are practical, while others are theory based. Having a combination of the two is without a doubt the most beneficial. When you are looking for a training course it’s also important to go through an examining body that has a good reputation.

Nebosh training courses are globally recognized and award health and safety accreditations to over 35,000 people annually. If you’re looking for a professional qualification, they are certainly recommended.

If you own a business and have staff who partake in regular training courses, you will not only look more attractive to potential clients, but will increase employee morale. Investing money in your staff is the first step to success and can increase your overall revenue tenfold.

Never stop educating yourself. No matter how much experience you have in any particular industry, there’s always room for improvement.

About the Author

Kieran McVeigh grew up as a labourer. He is currently undertaking a fire marshal training course and has plans to form his own business in the near future.

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