Rule the fashion industry with a successful career as fashion merchandiser

Do you keep yourself abreast of current fashion trends? Do you have an eye for style? Do you have the drive and desire to turn your passion into a profitable and rewarding career? A career in the fashion industry may be the right path for you! Excellent remuneration packages, better standards of living, and great future opportunities are certain positive aspects of the fashion industry. Besides, the market is being globalized, and the choice of colors and the style of the clothes among the customers keep on changing continuously.


Considering India’s grip on the international market, a number of career options in the field of fashion are emerging, one of which is fashion merchandising. The term merchandising itself explains the job profile, which mainly includes the sales and distribution of the finished products. Merchandisers are the professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in every stage of clothing or accessories manufacture, starting from conceptualizing things to the sales of the products.

Besides, they are also responsible to study the buying trends and the changing needs of the buyers, while actively coordinating between the market and the manufacturing processes. All we can say that fashion merchandising is a perfect blend of knowledge about fashion and business expertise. Strategic planning and marketing knowledge have always been a very important part of fashion merchandising.

To become a successful fashion merchandiser, you need to gain positive consumer experience by inspiring the clients and end users to explore more and more possibilities in the products designed by your company. Your task as a fashion merchandiser is very much dependant on how you connect with your clients and end customers.


To work as a fashion merchandiser, you need to be enrolled to a fashion merchandising program. Most of the employers would ask if you have a degree in fashion business or not. Here are some of the institutes in India offering courses in fashion merchandising.

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

  2. Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF), New Delhi

  3. Foreign Trade Development Centre, New Delhi

  4. WLCI College, Noida

  5. School of Art and Fashion Technology, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

A degree from the reputed college can increase your chances of being hired in the best of the names in the industries. With a degree in fashion merchandising, you can have more job options and be assured of marketability. The coursework typically covers topics like customer behavior, market research, textiles, fashion updates, and top of it, the fashion business.

Career guidance for fashion merchandiser

The experts will always advise you to develop your portfolio. You can also consider reading a book named “Developing and Branding the Fashion Merchandising Portfolio” by Janace Bubonia-Clarke, to help gain more exposure to this highly competitive field. It is high time that you should create a portfolio, which well reflects your personal branding so that you can have a professional advantage over other candidates. This way you can not only outsmart other candidates but also highlight visual evidence of your capabilities to your future employers.

You can consider professional help to develop physical and digital merchandising portfolios, which mainly comprise of texts, computer-aided designs as well as photographs. Besides, it is also a good idea to include market research reports, your plans, layouts of the stores and visual merchandising displays, to name a few, to your portfolio and explore the fashion world with a positive outlook.

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is a web enthusiast and a professional content writer who keeps an eagle eye on the trends of the education sector. She writes on the latest happenings in the education industry and offers useful advices. The above article discusses about career in fashion merchandiser.

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