Ideas For Your School Magnet Design

If you are thinking about selling a school magnet then you should know that there are few ideas that you can use in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of the magnet and also ensure that your school is able to sale as many of them as possible. School magnets are cheap and this means that you will be able to bring in a great deal of money from your school fundraising event.

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Effective Use Of School Colors

The first idea is to make effective use of the school colors for the design of your school magnet. You can put other information or pictures on the magnet but also take the time to incorporate the school colors. This is a great way to really draw in the attention of parents as it can make the magnet really come to life with the way that you choose to use the colors.

Incorporate The School Mascot

Another great idea is to incorporate the school mascot into the school magnet. If the magnet is small you might only want to use the mascot. If the magnet is larger you may find that you can use the mascot along with other pictures, writing, and information that pertains to your school.

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Include School Contact Information

You can also include the school information on the magnet. This will help to give parents easy access to the phone numbers that they might need to call in order to be able to get a hold of someone at the school. Many parents are not able to keep up with the phone number but with a school fridge magnet it will be easy to always have the information on hand because the magnet will not be easily lost.

As you can see these are only some of the great ideas that you can use when you are coming up with a school magnet for a fundraising event. You may also want to consider something else to go along with your school magnet such as a school calendar or a school mug. No matter what you decide to do it is important that you take the time to really think about the design that you want. You want to ensure that the design is going to appeal to the parent and possibly even include beneficial information that they will want to have on hand to contact you.


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