Firefighter, Police Officer, or Paramedic: How to Decide Which Lifesaving Career is for You


 When children are small, most will say that they want to become firefighters. This probably has to do with the siren, fire engines and of course the water. But when it comes to adulthood, you need to think carefully when choosing a lifesaving career. Firefighters, police officers and paramedics are often first responders during accidents, fires and domestic violence. Then there are other national security threats. Remember September 11th and how many good and brave police officers, paramedics and firefighters lost their lives trying to rescue civilians?

What Does it Mean to be a Firefighter, Police-Officer or Paramedic?
If you are passionate about helping others and maintaining public safety in your community, you should seriously consider becoming a firefighter, police officer or paramedic. While firefighters and paramedics save people from burning places and provide first aid to seriously sick or injured, police officers maintain law and order and fight crime. All three careers are demanding and carry a certain amount of risk.

Keeping-Your City Safe as a Police Officer
There is more to a
police officer than a badge and gun. You should be ready to face all kinds of people. You always have to think about others before yourself.

The working hours are long and the pay sometimes seems unattractive. You may end up spending long hours at your precinct, away from your family. Sounds less than fun, doesn’t it?

Except, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that are keeping your city or town safe. You will put away people who commit crimes and making your city a safer place. You will solve crime and help families get closure if they lose a loved one. Being a police officer can give you satisfaction and a sense of pride.

The Burning Inferno of Being a Firefighter
After you have
received an online Fire Science associate degree and found a fire station to work for, during your shift, you will be at the fire station regardless of whether there is a fire or not. But when you do get a call, you have to rush to the site and put out the flames. Remember, what your mother said about playing with fire? If you play with fire, don’t cry when you get burned! Being a firefighter requires courage, strength, stamina and a good pair of lungs. It is a career of great responsibility, as you will have the onus of saving the lives and property of strangers.

Breathing Life as a Paramedic
Often when people are sick or injured, it is a paramedic who comes to the rescue.

You come dashing in your ambulance and whisk away the injured to the nearest hospital. Sometimes, you may even lose a person on the way. It can be sad and frustrating. But rather than dwelling on this, being a paramedic means your knowledge saves a lot of lives. The treatment you offer in the ambulance could make all the difference. It also is a busy job and with the number of accidents and injuries taking place, you will always be in a rush to get to the destination.

The Bottom Line
All three – firefighter, police officer and paramedic – require training, mental and physical strength and stamina. Above all, there has to be a passion to serve others. Without these brave professionals lives would be lost and crime would be rampant.

No one can help you choose a career. You have to decide which one is right for you and then make a choice. Understand the pros and cons of all three and make an informed choice.

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