At-Home Activities for Novice Natural Scientists


Science is a fantastically vast subject that everyone can enjoy. At school, young children will be involved in many kinds of interactive and experimental projects that help them to understand the habitats and lifecycles of animals and plants in nature. If your little one is a budding future scientist or you just want them to get outdoors this summer, here are some great activities that you can create at home for them to grow their knowledge and experience of the natural world.


Make a Natural Self-Portrait

You’re probably used to giving your kids a bunch of colouring pencils and crayons and asking them to keep occupied with a piece of paper, but it’s time to take portraiture outside. This fun and fascinating task will get kids to explore your garden or local park to find the right materials to build their own picture. Use a piece of card or cardboard for the background and trim the twigs, leaves and flowers before gluing them into a portrait arrangement on the board. Hang the picture up inside and ask your child why they chose certain materials for different features.

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Essential flavours for the perfect pizza or pasta, get your kids involved in growing their very own garden of herbs at home. Pick up a medium sized-planter box and choose three small herbs of their choice. They could be rosemary, basil or oregano, for example. Place a good amount of soil and ask your child to regularly monitor and water the plant, under your supervision, of course. Be sure to label each herb so that you can easily identify them and place the pot in an area with plenty of sun like the windowsill. Soon enough, they’ll be able to pick a couple of leaves to pop in their next dinner dish!

Create Their Own Aquarium

One of the most exciting times for children is when they get their first pet. Most kids love animals and if they’re in primary school, they will have been learning about all kids of mini-beasts from their teacher. Bring their education home by creating and keeping a simple aquarium that you can fill with fish or turtles and even sea snails or other natural critters.

Go on a Nature Trail

Instead of taking your kids to the park or asking them to play outside, why not tailor an adventurous activity for them to become natural explorers? Simply note down or create a worksheet with pictures off all the things that they have to find, collect or spot outdoors. They could be particular kinds of plants or even insects, birds and animals. Get them to feedback and review what they find at the end of their hunt.

Getting children outside this summer is important for both their physical and mental health and wellbeing. They’ll love exploring and being active and it’s a great way to use up all the energy they have without driving you up the walls!

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