5 Tips to Help You Ace Your MBA Entrance Exams

MBA graduate

If you’re someone who has a real eye for business or you have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, something that can help you on your road to success is getting an MBA. Not only does it provide you with some great skills so that you can thrive in the business world, but while you’re a business school student, it’s also the opportunity to do a lot of networking with individuals who could eventually lead you to the job of your dreams.

MBA graduateBut before you can get into business school, you first have to pass your entrance exams. And if you’d like a few tips on how you can ace them, we have provided you with five of them below:

Get a math tutor. Unless you are naturally great at math, we recommend investing in a math tutor. The reason why is because MBA programs spend a lot of time weighing in prospective students math scores; as a matter of fact, with many schools, that is what will determine if you are accepted or not. You can hire a private tutor or thanks to websites like Tutor, you can also get one to assist you online.

Review your knowledge of accounting. Aside from math, the quantitative aptitude portion of the test will also feature quite a bit of accounting in it. If you are a recent college graduate, there’s a pretty god chance that you took a couple of accounting courses. But either way, spend a bit of time drilling yourself about accounting. You’ll be glad that you did come test time.

Brush up on your vocabulary. Something that you’re definitely going to need to have is a thorough command of the English language. That’s because there’s a section of the exam that is entirely devoted to comprehension. Although a large part of this test is about asking you questions that require “common sense” answers, remember that this is a graduate school program and so you need to be prepared to know the meaning of lots of different words. English Page is one website that offers free advanced online English grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Take some practice tests. One of the best things about the MBA entrance exam is that there are actually websites that provide some practice tests that you can review. That way, you are able to get a pretty good idea of what the exam will be like for you. One website that we recommend you check out is MBA.com. Just go there and put “the GMAT exam” in the search field.

Talk to an MBA graduate. Say that you are hoping to someday get your MBA marketing degree. If there is anyone who could prepare you for what that kind of program is like, who would that be? A former MBA marketing student, right? Along these same lines, that’s why we recommend that you speak with an MBA graduate about what to expect on the entrance exam. After all, being confident is just as important as being knowledgeable and we want to make sure that you have both as you sit down to ace your MBA entrance exam!


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